Road trip! The 106-year-old Alishan railway in Taiwan gives breathtaking views as it climbs more nearly 8,000 feet through the Alishan mountains.

A reporter covering Florence flooding in New Bern, North Carolina leapt into action during a Facebook live video when a distraught woman said her therapy dog was still back at the house in rising flood waters.

Next up: Drive-Yourself-Uber (only applies when your Uber driver is too drunk to drive.)

The stupidity and forgetfulness of people know no bounds: an Arizona sheriff stopped what could have been a tragic situation when he pulled over a moving truck — with the family dog leashed to the back of the truck — as it was preparing to enter the interstate.

There’s a new beer to celebrate Homecoming courtesy of People’s Brewing Co.: Boiler Black (to go with Boiler Gold from last year)

These kids are awesome: 17 years after he sold his beloved car to pay for his wife’s mounting medical bills, his kids stepped in to reunited him with his Mustang.

Well, if this doesn’t restore your faith in the New York subway system, nothing will:

Anthony Rizzo, in the lead-off spot, started the game taking 17 pitches. Javy knocked one out, followed by Murphy. And in the end, the Cubs trounced the Dbacks 9-1. There’s one more game in Arizona tonight before this 30-games-in-30-days streak ends and the boys get a day off before heading home to Chicago to face off against the White Sox this weekend on the South Side. The Brewers loss last night against the Reds means we’re 3.5 games up and the magic number sits at 8. Given that there are only 11 games left after last night, we’re in make or break territory.

Speaking of Javy:

Kelly Clarkson is getting a daytime talk show on NBC. Our problem? She’s replacing Steve Harvey.

Sony is releasing the Play Station Classic retro console just in time for Christmas. #TheReturnofSonic

The Smith family is too cute, especially when they’re celebrating matriarch Jada Pinkett Smith’s birthday.

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