In honor of National Radio Day, be sure to turn Q1067 REALLY LOUD!

LTHC Homeless Services needs our help!

Just the headline grosses us out: “the moment a tarantula egg sac is cut open.” EWWWWWWWW

Note to self: if you’re going to dance along the docks in Boston Harbor, don’t reenact the Boston Tea Party and fling yourself into the Harbor itself. These people already have you covered.

The Wahlberg brothers are bringing Wahlburger to Indy!

We want this cat:

It was a split series in Pittsburgh, but the Cubs came out relatively unscathed. And still 3.5 games ahead of the Brew Crew for the NL Central. Now it’s a day off and then off to Detroit. In other news, Darvish finally pitched an inning in South Bend!

In case you missed it, the biggest sports news was Sr. Mary Jo from Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Heights chucking one over home plate from the mound before the White Sox game Saturday. This morning, she talked about her mad skills and whether the Sox offered her a contract.

Aretha Franklin’s funeral has been set for August 31 in Detroit, and the arrangements include a two-day public viewing.

The MTV VMAs are tonight and they’re expected to pay tribute to Queen Ree Ree.

In other music news, The Eagles Best of Album has bested Michael Jackson’s Thriller to become the #1 album of all-time.

We love this: 10 reasons Saved By the Bell will never die. 

Morning Shot

A dog consoling a horse. You’re welcome.