We’re going on hiatus! Can you even survive without us? Probably not, but please do try, dear reader. We’re taking the first of two breaks in the coming months to recharge, refresh, and find new sources to bring you the most ridiculous or bizarre news out there. Fear not, we’ll be back with great headlines on Monday, August 13! And now, onto today’s round-up…

This doesn’t sound like a good thing :the tallest peak in Sweden is about to not be the tallest after over 13 FEET of glacier atop the peak has melted this summer. #YIKES

The headline is ridiculous enough: CDC Warns People Not to Wash, Reuse Condoms. #Facepalm.

Drink. Don’t drink. Looks like we’re all getting dementia according to a new study.

Scientists have discovered a quasar some 13 billion light years away. And, because the Big Bang was roughly 13.82 billion light years ago, it could reveal some interesting facts about the origins of the universe. #Whoa

Good news if you have stock in Apple!

Angel cloud in Texas!

This belongs in Florida: Man with flat bike tire lets self into empty home, washes clothes, helps self to beer and ham sandwich while waiting for homeowner to give him a ride home.

Oh wait, here’s the Florida story! Man dumps bucket of human wast in a 7-11 in St. Petersburg.

Let’s not talk about last night’s game against the Padres, shall we.

Who gets a tattoo of Tom Brady’s autograph on their arm?! Seriously people. Save the tattoo parlor for something worthwhile.

Peyton Manning’s family just grew by the size of a puppy!

Snoop Dogg’s cooking pal, Martha Stewart is celebrating her birthday today.

So is President Josiah Bartlet (Martin Sheen).


Prince George is a fashion icon.

Kate McKinnon rapping a Hungarian rap song is epic:

Morning Shot

Cuteness AND HOTNESS (HELLLLOOOOO, Officer!) in the same photo!