The Swedish Crown Jewels have been stolen in what appears to be Great Muppet Caper fashion.

He’s so cute and fluffy. And looks like QCat! A Michigan couple is helping a 33lb real-life-Garfield cat slim down.

A young New York State entrepreneur ran afoul of the Department of Health for his lemonade stand. Now he’s getting help from the Governor.

RELATED SOAPBOX MOMENT: These stories are becoming far too common. Have we really reached the point in our society when we feel its necessary to regulate lemonade stands? Are we that much of a nanny state? Have we become that paranoid?  Are we really that concerned about ensuring the lemonade you buy on the street from little Tommy or little Suzie meets the same strict health standards as the steak you get from Ruth’s Chris? Is this just a way for the government to make a quick buck? iYou know how this happened? Some idiot with a food truck was probably getting bested by a kid selling Kool-Aid on a nearby street corner. The food truck yutz probably got his fragile hackles up because he had to have permits but the kid didn’t. So the idiot probably filed a complaint or sued or something and brought the weight of government to bear down on poor little Bobby who was selling Kool-Aid to afford a new Nintendo. Unable to reason for themselves, the government employees who landed the case likely threw up their arms, screamed “a pox on all your houses,” and required Bobby to get a permit or cease operations. And the idea spread like wildfire. All of these because some yutz zeroed out his 401k to start his food truck, but couldn’t attract people to his grease can on wheels (likely because the food wasn’t that good in the first place), and so he took his frustration on poor little Bobby who just wanted a new game system. It’s absolutely ridiculous. #SOAPBOX ENDETH

Ummmmmm. Yougize… The Indiana State Fair will have a new feature at the entry gates this year: metal detectors.

Oh, Florida. Beer thieves at an Orlando WaWa were about to make their dramatic getaway just as an Orlando Police Officer pulled into the parking lot. Sorry ’bout your luck, fellas!

Don’t talk to us. They fell to the PIRATES OF ALL TEAMS.

The Aviators bested Springfield last night over in Illinois. They’re back at Loeb tonight and tomorrow for their final two home games of the season.

Amy Adams can’t stop cheek-dialing Christina Applegate. #WeHATEWhenThatHappens

Those Kardashians are MEAN to each other. Kim says Kourtney is the least pretty to look at!

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is teaming up with Steven Spielberg to produce a TV series.

Crazy Rich Asiansthanks to the film’s creators turning down a Netflix deal  is about to take the country by storm.

Mark your calendars: Betty White is getting a PBS special that airs August 21!

Morning Shot

This kid is all of us.