??? ALERT: It’s NATIONAL CHEESECAKE DAY. If you’ll excuse us, we’ll be off gaining 10 pounds.???

These are some pretty cool kids. We featured the video last Friday, but the story of 3 kids who found and returned a wallet to its owner  has spent the weekend going viral and proving there’s still good in the world.

This picture of an older couple on the subway in New York will MELT. YOUR. HEART.

Ford has gone to the bees. The automaker is helping save the dwindling honeybee population by erecting hives at its plant in Deerborn.

It’s National Night Out and the Laffy PD and Aviators are teaming up tonight at Loeb Stadium.

It wasn’t the greatest series against the Dirty Birds of St. Louis, but the Cubs picked up a win in the last one.

One Purdue student and basketball star is prepping to play with the U.S. Paraplegic Basketball team at Tokyo 2020

Morning Shot

Nothing to see here. Just a dog going for a drive.