Well, we feel dumb. This 11-year-old just graduated from college and expects to have his doctorate completed by his 18th birthday.

Restaurants in Indy are jumping on board the #NoPlasticStraws train.

Filming Flying Rhinos: rewarding says one photog.

The Voice of Boiler Basketball, Larry Clisby is fighting cancer. And Greater Lafayette has come together to help him fight.

The longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century (no hyperbole) is happening Friday.

A preemie penguin is London is on the mend after her parents stepped on her egg and cracked it.


A German astronaut on the ISS played a set with a German techno band Friday night.

A Nebraska woman got a little more than grapes from her local Hy-Vee: 2 Black Widow Spiders.#BURNITDOWN

This $15 million manse in Lake Forest, Ill. is one of the most expensive properties in Chicagoland. The pics are, well, interesting. 

We won’t talk about that 18-6 blowout with the Cardinals. We’ll concentrate on yesterday’s win and the fact that the Cubs took the series 3-2 and are still on top 3.5 games ahead of the Brew Crew. The Dbacks are in town for the next four.

When one young fan’s foul ball was taken by an over zealous adult, the Cubs took notice and made sure the little fan got the last laugh in the form of a Javy Baez-autographed ball.

The Aviators picked up another win, 10-7, yesterday against the Champion City Kings.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer  is heading for a reboot with an African-American lead(the TV show, not the original movie) as the slayer.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is doing everything he can to help his native Puerto Rico bounce back.

Pink is bringing her kids out on tour and the backstage pics are priceless.

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