It’s almost time to Mosey! Come join us THIS SATURDAY for Mosey Down Main Street of the season! Visit the vendors. Eat at the food trucks. Enjoy the bands. Drink a Mosey Beer (thanks, Lafayette Brewing Company!). And don’t forget to stop by Q1067, say hi, and check out our showcase studio!

From the “Oh, Florida,” Flie: Man attacks Minion on Florida boardwalk.

The Peach Truck is here! The Peach Truck is here! The Peach Truck is here!

There’s a new James Bond Museum in Austria. And it’s AWESOME

There’s an upside to a toddler knowing more about tech than you: A 3-year-old hero in Virginia saved her dad’s life thanks to her fast action getting her mom on Facetime when the little one’s dad suffered a stroke.

We’re one step closer to being the Jetsons!

Oh my. Stormy Daniels arrested.

One Marion Funeral Home has hired a therapy dog to help grieving families. (Note: when our mother died last year, the funeral home offered us Peal, their therapy dog, to hang out with us before the wake started and we TOTALLY took them up on it.)

13 innings and they just couldn’t pull it off. Cubs fall to the Giants 5-4. But KB is back. Javy’s bat’s on fire. And the Homerun Derby bracket is set! We love Schwarbs, but it’s Javy all the way!

The director behind “Crazy Rich Asians” is eyeballing a new film about the rescue of the Thai soccer team.

The EMMY Nominations are dropping today. Check them out live on People!

This belongs in the “Oh, Florida” file. A 19-year-old Instagram model was posing for a photo opp in the water above a group of nursing sharks when one of them bit her and pulled her under water.

Morning Shot