Talk about getting your comeuppance: A pride of lions reportedly mauled and ate three poachers who invaded a game preserve to kill Rhinos.

This is a 4-klenexer: a 10-year-old Oklahoma boy in foster care will do anything for a forever family.

Let’r fly! London’s Mayor has granted approval for protestors to fly their Baby Trump balloon above the British capital when POTUS arrives next week. Regardless of your politics, y’all have to admit the Brits have a wicked sense of humor.

One Carmel, Ind. officer’s lip-sync battle video to a donut is going viral. We tried to embed it, but you’ll just have to watch it on the PD’s Facebook page

How do you handle carjackers when your kids are in the car? One Texas mom pulled out a gun.

Like cheese? Here’s the most nutritious cheeses you can eat!

You know that Statue of Liberty stamp the USPS put out? Turns out the pic is of the mock Lady Liberty in Vegas at the New York, New York Casino. And the artist behind the fake Liberty wasn’t too happy.

Congrats to WLFI’s Samantha Thieke on the overnight arrival of daughter, Olive Sue!

The Cubs had a day off before welcoming the Reds for a three-game weekender. And hopefully sweet revenge.

But the Aviators were on fire last night over in Springpatch:

Movie Release Friday: Ant Man and the Wasp is all there is today. Though, if you’re checking up on us, The First Purge dropped Wednesday while were off stuffing our face. 

We have a Situation: It’s official, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino confirms his wedding will air on Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 2. #WhoCares

Zac Efron is sporting dreds these days. #HesStillHot #ThirstTrap

Denzel Washington credits the Boys & Girls Club for making him the man he his today. And now he’s giving back.

Morning Shot

Get the kleenex. And read the whole story about the house Marquise Goodwin bought for his mom and his sister, Deja, who lives in cerebral palsy.