We love cows. We especially love the ingenuity of this particular cow who was set for the slaughterhouse, but ran away to be raised by deer in the woods. 


The Moon is breaking up with us. Slowly. And it means longer days as a result of the Earth’s slowed rotation. So, it turns out that in about a billion years, our days will be over a minute longer! YOU CAN INVENT A LONGER DAY!

The Squirrels at IU are apparently fascinating.

Speaking of squirrels…remember that thieving squirrel from yesterday’s DQ? Anchorage police are calling his donut theivery a felony

It was a barnstormer in Los Angeles over night! Let’s just take a moment to admire Javy Baez, and his two homeruns (including a grand slam!)Speaking of that grand-slam:

The Aviators posted a HUGE 16-2 win over the Springfield Sliders last night.

The Speedway is getting ready to build a dirt track.

Ok. Let’s be honest. There’s plenty of entertainment news out there, but honestly, none of it moved us to include in TDQ. We get tired of the vapid fodder that qualifies as entertainment news. And we don’t believe it’s news to talk about Heather Locklear’s DUI or overdose. So, no real entertainment news today.

Except for Brigette Nielsen showing off her new baby girl.

And it’s Tobey McGuire’s birthday.

Morning Shot

The weather could be worse. We could be in Nova Scotia. Where it’s snowing. In June.