Stop by the Q1067 studio this Friday for the kick-off of the 2018 Tippecanoe Arts Federation Gallery Walk Series! Q1067 is a proud participant of Gallery Walk 2018 and we’re proud to display the artwork of our very own social media guru, Jonesy!

?The Royal Wedding is now just 48 hours away!?

Moving on.

Most. Epic. Prank. EVER. Seniors at Cumberland (Wis.) High School pulled probably the most epic senior prank ever by staging what looked to be a car that had crashed through the high school. . The whole set-up took 8 minutes in the dark of night and had neighbors thinking it was the real deal. The principal was so enamored with the prank, he’s keeping it up through graduation this weekend.

Best Dog Dad Ever? Taking full advantage of the Toys-R-Us liquidation, one doggy dad bought 5,000+ ball-pit balls and set up a make-shift playground for his Husky, Tetra. The result? Pure, unadulterated ecstasy. 

Save the beer! Dave Bangert has the story of a local brewers coming to the aid of their fellow brewery when a mid-batch accident sent Teays River’s brewer to the hospital. The result: the tight-knit group of local brewers came together and saved 217 gallons of IPA!

Just so you know, we’re spying on penguins now.

The dreaded “L” Flag flies above Wrigley today as the Cubs fell to the Braves 4-1 last night. They’re back at it for one more round at 7:35p tonight before heading off to Cincy for a four-game stretch (including a double-header on Saturday).

The Boilers kick off a three-game home stretch at Alexander Field tonight against Michigan. It’s the last round of regular ball before the Big 10 finals kick off next week. Game time tonight is 6p.

How’s this for best homerun ever?

Practice continues today at the Speedway. The Boss may have gotten a sneak peak yesterday:

Happy Birthday! Everyone’s favorite dad, Bob Saget, late night star Craig Ferguson and Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor all celebrate birthdays today!

RBG, the documentary about Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (a.ka. The Notorious RBG), is already a box office hit, and the film doesn’t hit wide release until Friday.

P!nk knows how to deal with trolls who age-shame her: shame them back!

Chrissy Teagan and Jesus John Legend welcomed baby #2 and made the announcement via Twitter.

Nikki Bella hasn’t given up hope on her relationship with John Cena. (Maybe she got wind that we were flirting with him?)

Morning Shot

We admit it. This is just gratuitous. And you know what? #SorryNotSorry. Here’s Nick Jonas in the gym. *swoon*