Sometimes it really does take a village. Or in the case of one mom, the kindness of a stranger to help her wrangle two kids in meltdown mode on their flights from Arkansas to North Carolina.

WTF is wrong with people? Smugglers abandoned a baby tiger cub in a duffel bag at the U.S./Mexico Border.

If you were on I-70 in Indy yesterday morning and stopped to scoop up the cash flying out of the Brinks truck that lost HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars, you apparently could be charged with theft, so say State Police. Whatever happened to finders keepers?????

These guys are class acts: Remember the two men arrested in the Philly Starbucks for sitting there without ordering anything? They’ve settled with the city of Philadelphia for $1 each, and the promise of a $200k city fund to help entrepreneurs. Talk about taking something so stupid and wrong and creating good.

Toronto (you know, up der in Canada) emergency services responded to reports of a car dangling beneath a bridge. What they found was just that: the charred remains of a Honda Civic just twisting in the wind. Follow the link and watch the video for the moment where they finally just cut it down. You won’t be disappointed. LOL

You’ve got about 6 days to get your Mother’s Day gift locked in. Here are 42 last-minute gift ideas.

We’re sending a geologist to Mars to explore the Red Planet’s innards! Well, a robotic geologist. And the Europeans are part of it. But we’re sending a geologist to Mars nonetheless!

The Cubs fell to the Rockies last night. 11-2. They’re back down in 3rd, 1 game out behind the Brew Crew and the Cardinals. Speaking of the Dirty Birds, their heading to Wrigley for a three-game stand starting tomorrow at 815p.

Olympic Bronze medalist Nathan Chen is Yale-bound!

Happy Birthday to *NSYNC’s own Lance Bass, actor Will Arnett, Country Music legend Randy Travis, and Jackson family matriarch, Katherine Jackson!

HBO is planning to premiere Come Inside My Mind, a new documentary about Robin Williams, in July.

Grandpa Prince Charles visited his newest grandson, Prince Louis. This following a visit from Great-Grandmama, HRH Queen Elizabeth.

David Beckham got a great 43rd birthday surprise in England: his 19-year-old son all the way from Brooklyn. Seriously, can this family get any cuter?


Morning Shot

It’s a baby reindeer!!!