It’s a word that we take very seriously at The All New Q 106-7. It’s something that we have been thinking and talking about behind the scenes since we signed the station on. There are a couple things that many people won’t notice, nor will they EVER care, but they are part of what makes our new radio station authentic.

Our Station Voice

Andy Chanley. Most people won’t know his name. Q106-7 is the ONLY station Andy voices. To be truthful, I have no idea why. I think he is great, but that’s neither here or there. Andy is the voice of Q106-7 because he knows how to pronounce “KOSSUTH” without a pronunciation guide. Andy lives in Los Angeles now and is on the radio out there. But he’s originally from Greenwood Ind., went to Purdue, and has eaten a Duane Purvis All American at XXX.  He started his radio career right here in Lafayette back in the mid-90s. In fact, we worked together at 93-5 KHY. Andy knows the Greater Lafayette area because he spent a good portion of his life here. And that’s why he was one of the first calls I made when we were putting together Q106-7. That authentic voice is just one of the few pieces that have gone into creating Q106-7 to be your go-to station.

Thanks for making The All New Q106-7 a part of your day. We look forward to serving you.

-Jim Stone
Managing Partner